I am thrilled to share these pictures with you of Alexander taken at his home in the USA! He has been home for 12 weeks now and his mom, Shelli, says that he is a very happy little boy. He speaks English already and is having a wonderful time in elementary school. His class went on a field trip to Seattle yesterday, so he had his very first ride on the big yellow school bus!! He was so excited----he just stared out the window all the way to Seattle. Shelli told me that while he was in Russia, Alexander was given a quilt from Wrap Them in Love. It is his most prized treasure and he must sleep with it every night. He is holding his quilt in the pictures here.


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New Update! Feb 29, 2000

I just received another note from Alexander's mother:
Alex has begun to read and is learning quite fast. Music seems to be his passion, he is always singing. He loves life and all that surrounds him. He no longer can speak Russian, but he will tell you that he is Russian, very proud of that. I am sending you an updated photo of him, as you can tell he is a cutie. Our lives will never be the same, and what a blessing it is to have him here. The foundation you have started will be remembered always, keep up the fantastic work.