Wrap Them in Love


There are so many pictures coming in from Alabama that they need their own page!!
(Click on the images for a larger picture.)


Joy's 12 year old granddaughter with the Roman Stripe quilt that she designed and sewed this weekend. Her 10 year old brother Colin and their mom Lisa join her in the picture.


The blocks in this quilt were from the big donation box. Linda brought them back in October from Becky's Bee but did not get them assembled. Jaudon stepped in and sashed them for us.


A sweet Quilt that Joy made before the Bee


A top made by Star and sent to Joy for quilting


One quilted by the "speed demon" prior to the Bee


Another panel quilted by Joy prior to the Bee


Marti finished this one up this afternoon


Joint effort of Linda and Shannon


Donation blocks paired up by Linda and Dayna in October. Linda assembled the top earlier this month and Joy has it quilted


another set of UFO blocks assembled by Linda and quilted by Joy prior to the Bee


Assembled by Shannon before she had to leave due to possible bad roads--borders applied today. Blocks are from a swap she hostessed this summer.


Another ABC panel quilted by Joy before the Bee


Marti assembled this set of blocks donated by Shannon


Another set of blocks donated by Shannon from her summer swap--Marti assembled and bordered this set as well. Joy and I will get back to work now that our computer detail is complete. In the works are two rail fences, 2 square in a squares, one multicolor Irish Chain, a Roman Stripe, Trip around the World on quilt fuse and another Bowtie on point. Tomorrow is another day and we will be burning the midnight oil again tonight and hit the machines early in the morning.

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