Wrap them in Love - Thailand

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A lady named Elsie, from Arlington, Washington took 7 quilts with her when she went to Bangkok, Thailand to visit for a few months. She would have loved to take more, but it is very expensive to carry extra baggage, and that was all the room she had. I told her that was just fine. If she could only take one that would be fine! She planned to take them to an orphanage when she got there. At first she had a hard time finding a place to take them. She was told "don't go here---don't go there----". Finally someone told her of a place nearby and when she had someone drive her there, she found out it was a daycare! So, she decided that wouldn't do. By now she had been in Thailand for a few weeks and she was feeling that she wasn't "doing her job" and getting these quilts delivered! Finally she learned of another place. They told her, "Just keep going down the road, you'll find it!" She kept going down the road, and she found these little angels there! This place was built by and is run by a man named Father Joe. You can see him in the background in one of the pictures. The amazing thing is that he is from Washington state!!!!! He kept telling her how amazed he was at the beautiful quilts that she had brought to them and that he was really amazed that she had found that place. Then he kept saying over and over that what amazed him the most is that she is from Washington State like him! When she asked if she could take pictures, they quickly ran and got some of the children out of their class (they go to school in the building too) so that they could see the quilts and then get some pictures taken. Elsie said she tried and tried to get the little girl (with the angel quilt) to smile, but she just didn't feel well enough. This is a very special place. I am so very glad that Elsie stumbled upon it because these babies need our quilts and our love so much. Please say an extra special prayer for these beautiful children-----because all of them have aids, there is not much of a chance that they will ever be adopted. Thankfully they have each other, and they have Father Joe!
Elsie plans to return to Thailand in the future and when she does, she will take more quilts to the children.